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FireplaceAt Five Lions Heating & Cooling we specialize in custom made fireplaces to suit the décor of your home.

We offer a wide collection of fireplaces, including the high quality and crafted Kingsman, Napoleon, Monessen brands. When you add a gas fireplace to your home, you can relax and be guaranteed that you will enjoy comfort with consistent performance for many years.

When you invest in a Gas Fireplace they add extra value to your home, they are adaptable and can be placed almost anywhere in your home! Now with these modern fireplace technologies, Five Lions Heating & Cooling can ensure that you’re receiving the perfect comfort level for any occasion and season. Gas fireplaces are so convenient today, they come with convenient remotes that you can fine tune the flame and heat output. This offers a wide range of comfortable heat settings.

A Gas Fire place is extremely safe and effective with almost no discharge and is very environmentally friendly. A Gas Fireplace removes all the stresses of having a wood fire place; it is easy and convenient where removal of firewood, ashes and chimneys is unnecessary. Avoid the hassle of gathering and stacking wood to burn your wood fire place. In addition a Gas Fire place is a better choice for your home. It has a more realistic quality than an electric fire place and a Gas Fire place makes heating reliable during power outages.

Fireplaces have always been one of the top amenities that homeowners look for in a home. Gas Fire places has gained their popularity due to convenience, style and much more. They are a relaxing ambiance and a beautiful flair to any room in the house. During seasonal times like Christmas, a Gas Fireplace is a great place to have family gatherings and a somewhere to hang stockings on Christmas Eve.

At Five Lions Heating & Cooling our team of professionals specialize in Gas Fireplaces in the east end of Toronto: Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Markham. We travel further east as well. We offer many hot choices when it comes to gas fireplaces for homeowners. If you’re thinking about replacing an old fireplace, or investing in a new one call Five Lions Heating & Cooling today and book an appointment.


  • Standard fireplaces – These are built into the wall and can range in size and styles. These are commonly found in modern homes.
  • Inserts – For older homes with existing wood burning fireplaces, a gas fireplace insert can be installed in this existing space, creating a modern look and ease of use.
  • Stove – These can be installed almost anywhere and resemble a wood stove

Why Install a Gas Fireplace?


A gas fireplace can create a relaxing atmosphere in any room of the house with easy switches or a push of a button. Available in standard models commonly found in modern homes. With fireplace inserts that fit right into the space where your wood-burning fireplace once was. With easy available options to find a model that suits the decor of your home.


Fine-tune setting to control the flame and heat output. A very adjustable, wide range of heat levels to suit your exact preference. Your gas fireplace will ensure the perfect comfort level for any season or occasion, enjoy a gas fireplace with friends or family and even alone.


A gas fireplace offers all the perks of a wood-burning fireplace without the headache. No more cutting and stacking firewood, cleaning up ashes, or cleaning and maintaining chimneys. Enjoy the heat and ambiance of your fireplace. With a gas fireplace, there is no open flame, drastic reduction in home fires, and your family’s safety is just as dramatically improved.


There are no fumes or particles, and almost no emissions as a result of this type of heating solution, an extremely environmentally friendly option. A gas fireplace can also save you money on your energy bill, which is welcome news for any homeowner!

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