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Hot-Water-HeaterWhen choosing a Hot Water Heater, Five Lions Heating & Cooling is available in helping you find the right possible fit for your home or business. We specialize in Hot Water Heaters safely and effectively.

The average hot water heater accounts for 25% of the home’s total energy usage which means rising energy prices. There are various types available but the most common is the storage type water heater. This is where a tank of water is heated by a built in burner or electric element to a set temperature and maintained at that temperature until hot water is required at a tap. These units have an energy efficiency rating that is referred to as the energy factor (EF). This is a relative rating of the efficiency and ranges from about .5 to 1.0. The higher the EF the less it will cost to operate.

Another rating of these units is their first hour rating. This is a measure of how much hot water the unit can provide in the first hour you turn it on. It takes into account the amount of water stored and how fast it can heat it. A hot water heater is also rated according to its storage capacity. This is the number of gallons of water the units can hold.

Standard units can use gas, electric, oil, geothermal, or the sun to heat the water. The energy source you choose should be based on the price and availability of the energy source. Additional costs apply. They all operate in the same basic way. A thermostat senses the temperature of the water inside the tank. It turns the fuel on and off as required to maintain a set temperature. That temperature is adjustable to suit your needs.

These units have added safety features called a temperature/pressure relief valve that opens to relieve the pressure in the tank in case of a malfunction. Another safety feature is the flammable vapor ignition resistant (FVIR) technology. This is a basic design feature that is integrated into a hot water heater to prevent flammable vapors such as paint and gasoline from entering the unit and igniting.

One big disadvantage of hot water heater is when the tank of water sits in the home; it cools off and is referred to as stand by heat loss. In turn the heater has to heat the water back to temperature which is not energy efficient! It is a good idea to install a water heater blanket. This will help to minimize the standby losses and therefore save you money. If you have an electric unit, you can also install a timer that will help to lower the standby losses. The timer is set to only maintain the water temperature at specific times during the day. The timers can save you 5-10% on your water heating costs.

There are two types of instantaneous water heaters. The first type, often called “mini-tank” units. They have a small storage tank to store from about 2.5 gallons to 6 gallons of hot water. The other type is a small electric tankless unit. Both units are very small and often used at a sink where they are mounted in the cabinet below. Their main advantage is that water is not wasted while waiting for it to heat up. The units without a tank are a little bit more efficient because they only heat the water as it is needed.

Another type is the indirect fired hot water heater. More modern and more like the traditional storage type. These units have a tank of water that is heated. The difference with these units is heated coils inside of them instead of a burner or electric element. These units are rated by their efficiency, heat input rate, and the amount of water flow. It is very important to select the proper size unit. Some of these units are a part of the home’s heating system. We carry reliable and affordable brands such as Bradford White and Rheem.

The first step in maintaining your hot water heater is simply by calling a Five Lions Heating & Cooling. We can help our customers decide on a brands, save on energy cost and efficiency. You can minimize the repairs and maximize the life of your water heater with routine maintenance.

In order to minimize your cost and maximize the lifetime of your hot water heater, book now to receive an estimate and free information on how to preserve the heat in your home. We help with troubleshooting, diagnose and repair most problems on your hot water heater.

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