HVAC Maintenance

Five Lions Heating & Cooling is an easy, convenient and friendly company. We are here to serve and inspect your heating systems. If you have concerns about your heating, make an appointment for your annual checkup. A system begins to wear and tear quickly, pump deadly carbon monoxide into your home, or simply stop working without proper cleaning and inspection.

Five Lions Heating & Cooling will schedule preventative maintenance with our customers to avoid system failures. Here are simple steps to follow:

  • Locate the thermostat on an inside wall away from windows and doors.
  • Set the thermostat to your comfort level. Each degree over 68°F can add 3% to the amount of energy needed for heating.
  • Lower the thermostat a degree or two when expecting a large group of guests, as bodies generate heat.
  • Conserve Energy by checking and making sure your home is properly insulated.
  • Conceal areas where air can sneak into the home. Use caulking, weather-stripping or plastic around doors and windows. It could account for 15% to 30% of air conditioning energy requirements.
  • Cut heat transfer through double – glazing your windows (two panes of glass) by 40% to 50%.
  • Use wood- or metal-frame storm windows.
  • Install storm doors at all entrances to your house.
  • Keep all windows and doors closed.
  • Increasing the glass areas. This increases the amount of heat added in summer and lost in winter.
  • Make sure fireplaces have tight-fitting dampers.
  • Invest in a humidifier to conserve energy in winter. Provides less dry air and gives comfort at a lower temperature setting.

Maintenance is an important part in keeping your heating systems and cooling functioning smooth all year round. By scheduling an appointment with a Five Lions Heating & Cooling you can have a system running at peak performance. Call now and receive free information on how we can help you save on energy bills!

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