Ductless AC’S


These systems were first developed in Japan where space saving and energy efficient options were required for heating and cooling the home. Since the technology has matured over the years making these systems much more attractive options in your home or business. These cooling systems also known as mini-split System can replace the traditional central ducted system and work similar to the traditional air conditioner.

With Ductless AC’s, a condensing unit is located outside the home which contains the compressor where it circulates the refrigerant to produce the cooling effect. There are several types of compressors but the latest innovation is inverter technology that allows the compressor to operate at unlimited number of speeds. These units normally start at full speed when there is the need for heating or cooling. In ductless systems, the refrigerant from the outdoor condensing unit is sent directly to an indoor unit located on the wall or ceiling of a particular room.

The ductless ac system is usually controlled through a remote. This option allows you to set the temperature, change the modes of operation, and set timers and other advanced functions. As technology has changed drastically, Ductless AC’s have developed some of the most advanced units that include a temperature sensor in the remote. This high tech system is commonly called “I FEEL”. The system is beneficial because it senses the room temperature at the remote and not high on the wall. This allows for better comfort. Other units have optional wall mounted controllers.

While a ductless system can have several benefits, many homeowners with existing ductwork will be better off from a financial and comfort perspective by using a ducted system. The benefits and concerns of a ductless system are:

ductless-ac-installation-repairBenefits of Ductless

  • Easy for a contractor to install (no ductwork)
  • Some flexibility in location of air handler
  • Ability to cool the home by specific zones
  • Quiet when operating
  • Does not take up any floor space for a fan coil or furnace
  • The fan motor is smaller
  • No air ducts so the system is typically half the cost to install
  • Include advanced modes of operation: the turbo mode or quick cool mode.
  • Provides highest speeds to provide the most cooling in the shortest amount of time
  • Also have a dehumidify or dry mode operating at lower speeds to increase the amount of moisture removed from the air.
  • Some units have a sleep mode where the setpoint is raised or lowered by a set number of degrees on a scheduled basis at night. This allows for energy savings without noticeable changes in comfort level. (Once you are asleep, you are less likely to notice a gradual temperature change.)


Brands we carry:
  • Mitsubishi
  • Daikin
  • American standard
  • Goodman
  • LG
  • Comfortstar


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