Filtered air that has been heated or cooled needs to be given a path into each room of the home. Ducts are metal ‘channels’ that allow clean air to circulate and flow. Ducts can be constructed by either ridgid metal, flexible duct, or a combination of both – We are experts in every aspect of ductwork.

If Ducts are not constructed correctly you will experience all or some of the following:

  • Excessive noise (rattle, sqeaks, banging)
  • Rooms will not be the correct temperature
  • Poor air quality, poor ventilation
  • Wasted energy
  • Premature failure of mechanical systems

We can design and install the duct system for your custom home. We can also install a system to support renovations in your home. We are also adept in applying our craft to ‘ open concept ‘ home designs.

If you’re building a dream home, renovating a space, or need repairs to your ducts Five Lions Heating and Cooling should be your #1 choice !!! Give us a call today!!

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