Garage Heaters

garage-heaterAt Five Lions Heating & Cooling we specialize in Garage Heating systems. Garage heaters are a growing trend. Today consumers want a comfortable, care-free life style.

Garages are a place to park the car they also offer additional living spaces for hobby activities, home businesses, pets, and warm storage. Garages are becoming fun places to be, even evolving into neighborhood gathering points. Having a garage heater delivers not only warm dry floors, quiet draft-free heat.

Advantages of Garage Heaters:

  • Uses 30-40% less energy than conventional heating systems
  • Quiet, draft-free operation
  • Melts snow and ice from vehicles, and keeps the floor warm and dry
  • Vents through the wall or through the roof
  • Low clearance to combustible requirements above, and below
  • Sleek, architectural design
  • Various lengths and configurations available
  • Available in natural gas or propane
  • Heavy-duty construction, with anti-walk reflector design (will not shift or twist during expansion and contraction)
  • 3-Try Direct Spark Ignition system, with 100% safety shut offgarage-heater
  • Approved for indoor and outdoor use
  • Creates additional heated living space for hobbies, vehicle maintenance, pets, crafts, etc
  • Provides beneficial heat for the home in attached garage situations
  • Rooms located above or adjacent to a heated garage feel warmer and more comfortable
  • Is easy to install in practically any residential garage
  • Heated garage adds to the market value of the home

Call Five Lions Heating & Cooling today to install your garage heater. It is a great add on to your existing home! We provide services in the GTA: Scarborough,Markham, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and further east. Give us a call today and install your garage heater where everyone can enjoy!

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